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About Altlocity

Why choose Altlocity?

Accumulate DOGE before the price skyrockets.

2022 will be the year for Dogecoin, projected to hit $1.00 this year. With many stores and establishments beginning to accept Dogecoin, this coin is set to become the Global New Earth currency. Altlocity aims to help everyone accumulate more DOGE in the easiest and quickest way through our Passive Cash Back Advertising system.

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Benefits of joining Altlocity

Earn Quickly

Earn quickly with our passive Cash Back Ad Pack system and matrix plans.

Quality Advertising

Receive quality advertising each time you make a purchase within our system.

Low Transaction Fees

Using Dogecoin requires low transaction fees unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Automatic Payments

No more waiting for a withdrawal. Our system is automated to pay you.


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I don't always start programs. But when I do, it kicks ass.

Altlocity PayPlan

Altlocity has 2 Profitable Plans. Choose the Passive Plan to earn daily and even hourly without referrals. Or choose the Active Plan with a 2X2 Progressive Forced Matrix to quickly 10X your Doge. We also offer a Subscription that puts you into both plans.

Altlocity will be a rocket ship to the moon for profits.

Look at the chart below to see just how much 1000 Doge can earn in 3 months in our Passive Plan. This is all without referrals.

Altlocity is unlike anything you have ever seen.

You can purchase unlimited ad packs to earn daily, hourly, and even minutely profits. Even with no referrals. We participate in Liquidity Pools in Defi Platforms as well as Swing Trade crypto to make long-term sustainable profits for all.

Entry to 2X2 Pearl 1 Feeder is free with purchase of a Standard Ad Pack.

Each level can be purchased in order starting from Onyx Level 1.
Cycling any level enters you into the next level twice automatically.

Cycling Onyx Level 3 gets a Double Re-Entry back to Onyx Level 3.

The Altlocity Daily Subscription plan costs 21 DOGE. Available Mid February. You get 1 X-Plan Position daily for 7 days. The X-Plan is a revolutionary Double Re-Entry Matrix that gives you Free Ad Packs. This helps the system move on a daily basis.

How It Works

Begin your journey to Endless Earnings Online for only 20 Doge to get started

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Step 1 is to signup under the sponsor who sent you to this page.

Step 1:

Fund Your Account

Purchase Standard or Pro Ad Packs when we launch to earn Passive Profits. You can earn Daily and Hourly profits.

Step 2:

Refer Others to Earn Even More

Three-tiered affiliate plan and up to 100% matching bonuses. Easily earn generous Bonuses in our Fast Moving compensation plans.

Step 3:

Automatic Commission Payments

Once you have earned 60 DOGE, our system automatically pays you without having to request it. Need a smaller amount? We pay manual withdrawals too.

Step 4:

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive banner and text ad credits for each purchase as well as access to our Passive advertising cash back system and Active Personal 2X2 Matrix plan.
Altlocity accepts DOGE, BNB, BTC, LTC, TRX, XLM and XRP. We will strive to accept credit card, bank transfers, and Paypal payments in the near future.
Referring is not required but highly recommended. You can earn 100 percent matching bonuses on all your referrals.
Deposit fee is 5%. This is to cover conversions of other cryptos to Doge as we accept many cryptocurrencies. Our processor charges 6 Doge for withdrawals. You may request withdrawals with Tron or TRX or any popular crypto.
The minimum deposit is 20 DOGE and the minimum withdrawal is 30 DOGE. Payments are made within 1 to 3 business days after your request. Automatic withdrawals will be available soon.
For our Passive Plan, you can make unlimited purchases. For our Active Plan, we recommend only one purchase per level. This is because your positions will double each time you cycle. This means your single position becomes 2, then 4, then 8, and so forth until the apocaplypse.
Yes, 10% of all matrix earnings go to your subscription wallet. Withdrawals will be subject to a 20% repurchase rule (beginning March 2022) to sustain your earnings.
Yes. Not only do we have Pay It Forward, we are the first to implement a Pay It Back system. Your PIFFed referrals will pay you back on their their first withdrawal. You can also use the Global PIF Pool to PIF any member who has remained FREE for 72 hours.
No, only members who upgrade can earn with our program.